25 Celebrities That Cameoed On Grand Theft Auto

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Hey, remember that time Ray Liotta basically played Scarface? Yeah, he voiced protagonist Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - a game I spent waaay too much time playing as a young, impressionable teenager. So, as I sit in my jail cell and think on my many, many crimes, I figure I might as well list some of my favorite celebrity cameos from across the GTA universe. We’re talking everything from Will Forte in the spinoff The Lost and the Damned to Dan Cook, Danny Trejo, and Samuel L. Jackson - all of whom appear across the GTA universe.

For example, Suicide Squad actress and, uh, interpretive dancer Cara Delevigne has her own radio show in GTA V, playing the DJ for Non Stop Pop FM - which might come as a surprise to many, since she’s far more energetic than is typical of her more popular big screen roles. Oh and it turns out that in addition to being in games - and ads for games, as was the case for her sorta Call of Duty appearance- she’s also an avid gamer, and has participated in a Rockstar-sponsored livestream for GTA V. Even her in-game character is a gamer, often espousing her love for the fictional video game Righteous Slaughter 7.

Rapper Ice T shows up in that game as Madd Dogg in GTA: San Andreas, and he is, in a massive break from reality… a rapper. When the story picks up, Madd Dogg is alre ady super successful, but comes into a bit of trouble thanks to some unhelpful murder on the part of Carl Johnson, who kills Madd Dogg’s manager as a means of helping another rapper’s career. In a moment of beautiful irony and classic GTA storytelling, Johnson winds up as Madd Dogg’s manager. Last we checked, his career was still chuggin’ along.

0:00 - Intro
0:33 Will Forte - Martin Serious in The Lost and the Damned
1:08 Danny McBride - Duane Earl in GTA V
1:45 Samuel L Jackson - Officer Frank Tenpenny in San Andreas
2:32 Chris Penn - Officer Eddie Pulaski in San Andreas
2:57 Danny Trejo - Umberto Robina in Vice City
3:43 Frank Vincent - Don Salvatore Leon in GTA III, San Andreas, and Liberty City Stories
4:21 Dane Cook - Talk Radio Caller in GTA V
4:47 Cara Delevigne - Non Stop Pop FM DJ in GTA V
5:31 Ice T - Madd Dogg in San Andreas
6:07 The Game - B Dup in San Andreas
6:32 Kyle MacLachlan - Donald Love in GTA III
7:10 Dennis Hopper - Steve Scott in Vice City
7:35 Peter Fonda - The Truth in San Andreas
8:33 Axl Rose - Tommy “The Nightmare” Smith in San Andreas
8:59 Burt Reynolds - Avery Carrington in Vice City
9:35 Gary Busey - Phil Cassidy in Vice City and Vice City Stories
10:02 Fred Melamed - Cris Formage in GTA V
10:45 Debbie Harry - Doris in Vice City
11:10 David Cross - Zero in San Andreas
11:39 Ricky Gervais - Himself in GTA IV
12:01 William Fichtner - Ken Rosenberg in Vice City
12:42 James Woods - Mike Toreno in San Andreas
13:21 Karl Lagerfeld - Himself in The Ballad of Gay Tony
13:49 Lee “Scratch” Perry - DJ of The Blue Ark in GTA V
14:19 Iggy Pop - Liberty Rock Radio DJ in GTA IV

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Written by: Michael Keene
Narrated by: Michael Keene
Edited by: Michael Keene

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Fleepers 2053
Fleepers 2053 Vor 8 Tage
Damn Dane cook got a whole 20 seconds
Fleepers 2053
Fleepers 2053 Vor 8 Tage
So cool
Robert P
Robert P Vor 9 Tage
Dr dre
Jordan Higgins
Jordan Higgins Vor 10 Tage
What about Danny dyer in San Andreas??? He plays Kent Paul, For anyone in the uk that’s quite a big cameo
Insiniak Vor 10 Tage
The fact you didn't include Bas Ruten's amazingly hilarious representation of himself in GTA 4 is sad indeed!
Grouchy Puff
Grouchy Puff Vor 10 Tage
Great list but you skipped my favorite Rush Limbah parody host, Richard Bastian, played brilliantly by Jason Sudekis
Richard Sylvester
Richard Sylvester Vor 10 Tage
Salvador Leone is not killed at the end of GTA 3. He is killed half way through.
La loutre
La loutre Vor 10 Tage
Didnt even talk about dr.dre in gtav cayo perico🥲
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid Vor 10 Tage
This is a cool video. I'm Vice City and Liberty City OG myself. Word.
Plus12 Gaming
Plus12 Gaming Vor 10 Tage
Play FIFA 21 & the players still only look about as good as in San Andreas!
Poppy Niamh
Poppy Niamh Vor 10 Tage
Wow Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
BÁM Invéstôrs
BÁM Invéstôrs Vor 10 Tage
@Kyere David Trading on your own is very risky, I've lost alot trading for my self
Thabang Mputsoe
Thabang Mputsoe Vor 10 Tage
Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away
Kyere David
Kyere David Vor 10 Tage
Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professional is not
Williams Cyril
Williams Cyril Vor 10 Tage
Williams Cyril
Williams Cyril Vor 10 Tage
@Thabang Mputsoe Text him on WhatsApp
Zrinko P
Zrinko P Vor 10 Tage
Also,Phil Collins played himself in GTA Vice City Stories, Kenny Loggins is a DJ on a classic rock station in GTA 5 and Bill Burr played Jason Michaels in GTA 4 and GTA The Lost And Damned.
Nick Williams
Nick Williams Vor 10 Tage
Or Danny Tamberelli for that matter? Ball, dropped
Nick Williams
Nick Williams Vor 10 Tage
How tf do you miss a G like Pam Grier on this list?
TC tha Crisis
TC tha Crisis Vor Stunde
Or Clifton Powell and Faison Love... And McEight.
Mateusz Kubiak
Mateusz Kubiak Vor 10 Tage
Why this video is bad: 1. No mentioned Phil Collins in VCS 2. Vice City Stories is a spin off, not the expansion 3. Please don’t show a footage from graphically moded games, its very unprofessional
Robert Monroe
Robert Monroe Vor 10 Tage
Also, Danny Dyer was in both GTA VC and GTA SA.
angyman666 Vor 10 Tage
Surprised Jason Sudeikis isn't on the list
Ivan Fernandez
Ivan Fernandez Vor 10 Tage
I always thought that in San Andreas Ryder was Eazy-E
TC tha Crisis
TC tha Crisis Vor Stunde
Modeled after E... Voiced by McEight.
Insiniak Vor 10 Tage
Def modeled after E
Robban Dahlgren Jonsson
Robban Dahlgren Jonsson Vor 10 Tage
No Lazlow?
Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson Vor 10 Tage
Pretty sure Danny Dyer is in Vice City.
Robert Monroe
Robert Monroe Vor 10 Tage
Yes he is. He's Kent Paul.
Fintan Mac Bóchra
Fintan Mac Bóchra Vor 10 Tage
Of course you only play three seconds of actual audio every three minutes of talking… cancer
Kurt Paulsen
Kurt Paulsen Vor 10 Tage
You missed Joe Pantoliano as Luigi in GTA 3... Just saying...
Zuernaxashyr Vor 10 Tage
Lol I read that title completely wrong lmao! 😂
Noob beat
Noob beat Vor 10 Tage
Who wants some street chocolate?
Matt Thornton
Matt Thornton Vor 10 Tage
Um.... where the hell is Phil Collins?
Robert Monroe
Robert Monroe Vor 10 Tage
ScreenRant ain't actually a gaming fan, TBH.
Phil Duxbury
Phil Duxbury Vor 10 Tage
The Truth is in GTV. Bring him spaceship parts and he builds you a ufo car
Grouchy Puff
Grouchy Puff Vor 10 Tage
You're thinking of Omega. Different character
Mast3rBlast3r Vor 10 Tage
William Fichtner is that borderline psychic FBI Agent chasing down the Scofield brothers in Prison Break, that's where I know him from.
Vaughn Coolman
Vaughn Coolman Vor 10 Tage
William Fitchner also plays the blind scientist in the movie Contact.
Wagner Lima
Wagner Lima Vor 10 Tage
Strange days is really a masterpiece😍
Kwazi Phakathi
Kwazi Phakathi Vor 10 Tage
You should do boyster
The Hidden
The Hidden Vor 10 Tage
No Phil Collins as himself in Vice City Stories???
Bob Papadopoulos
Bob Papadopoulos Vor 10 Tage
Danny Tamberelli and Jesco White are the best cameos.
Bob Papadopoulos
Bob Papadopoulos Vor 10 Tage
His name is Jesco.
Roman Weber
Roman Weber Vor 11 Tage
robert davi
The MostWanted
The MostWanted Vor 11 Tage
My favorite actor is samuel L.jackson playing frank tenpenny
Blaise Tighe
Blaise Tighe Vor 10 Tage
Fun fact, the character for Officer Frank Tenpenny was heavily inspired by real life Officer David Mack. Mack was an LAPD Officer in the 90’s, played a major role in the RAMPART scandal and played a role in the murder of Biggie Smalls.
Kaylee Quinten
Kaylee Quinten Vor 11 Tage
"OH MY GOODNESS" "this is the thing u need" *"*GtAgEn.MoNsTeR*"* "There are no limits here, Am I right?” *"完璧"*
Mr Redeyes
Mr Redeyes Vor 11 Tage
The hell is wrong with you gta SA gameplay
PopIt Collectables
PopIt Collectables Vor 11 Tage
Chriss Penn is underrated
Adam Webb
Adam Webb Vor 11 Tage
Wanted to count down but dude sounds like he's literally reading it off paper for his first time 😂😜😒
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Vor 11 Tage
Of course Samuel L Jackson played at gta character lol
SupportGaming 2020
SupportGaming 2020 Vor 11 Tage
Grand theft auto V is good but it doesn't come close to GTA 4 or any of the earlier Grand theft auto games
Brimstone98 Vor 11 Tage
Did you agree with are top 25 pick? Reply to this comment if you did.
Aman Goyal
Aman Goyal Vor 11 Tage
please watch My 1 minute short Mystery film 🙏
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Vor 11 Tage
Not surprised that Samuel L Jackson would play a GTA character
GTA San Andreas Xbox clásica REPLAY
GTA San Andreas Xbox clásica REPLAY Vor 11 Tage
I got all of the GTA games
Chris Lindamood
Chris Lindamood Vor 11 Tage
I never knew lol
_wheat InTheComments
_wheat InTheComments Vor 11 Tage
foodboy999 Vor 11 Tage
aww second
foodboy999 Vor 11 Tage
@Muffin yep
Muffin Vor 11 Tage
Muffin Vor 11 Tage
It’s not a surprise that Samuel L. Jackson would voice a character in a GTA Game.
Muffin Vor 11 Tage
@Cyber Lantern No, he voiced a Cop
Cyber Lantern
Cyber Lantern Vor 11 Tage
Did he voice Trevor
Acey Playys
Acey Playys Vor 11 Tage
Joseph Reeves
Joseph Reeves Vor 11 Tage
VSX lamb458
VSX lamb458 Vor 11 Tage
Thomas MacKenzie
Thomas MacKenzie Vor 11 Tage
foodboy999 Vor 11 Tage
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