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With an ever growing roster of characters in Disney’s constantly expanding cinematic universe of do gooders, there’s always going to be some that may not seem Avengers worthy on paper- but that’s what makes them so compelling! Take Wanda Maximoff for example. In Wandavision we see her not only take the entire town of Westview captive, but also we also see her delving into the darkhold which directly leads her into a Multiverse Of Madness. Sure both of those actions are pretty damning, Yet she also fought on behalf of Sokovia and was directly responsible for saving half the universe after the snap or blip or whatever you want to call it. Not as evil as we initially thought.

Then there is Loki- having been a royal pain in the butt to Thor, he launched an entire attack on New York to please Thanos. Pretty irresponsible, right? Yet in both The Dark World and Ragnarok we see a redemption arch that leads to a death with glorious purpose in Infinity War. When it came time to his Disney Plus series, we saw him try his hardest to defend the sacred timeline. These people are as complex as the timelines they are defending!

Most of the beings in this universe have dark traits- Tony Stark profited off of the war, Bruce Banner would turn into the gamma fueled Hulk and wreck entire cities. Yet they managed to quickly find their true selves and become as heroic as Captain America. Others like the Winter Soldier and the Black Widows took a while to find themselves leading them to be a little more morally gray.

It’s not just in Disney’s timeline these morally complex characters exist- the Sony Spider-Man Universe has Venom, the Fox-verse had Deadpool and the Netflix series contained the Punisher. It seems that through some multiverse shenanigans, all these guys will enter the Sacred Timeline to join the other dark minded super people.


0:00 Intro
0:16 The Gods Of Mischief
1:03 Bucky Barnes
1:50 Scarlet Witch
2:47 Rocket Racoon
3:42 The Soviet Family
4:31 M’Baku
5:25 Nebula
6:11 The Guy Eminem Made A Song About
6:51 The Merc With A Mouth
7:32 Frank Castle

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